New Project!

We are very excited that our latest CD “Welcome home” should release in a few weeks. Many have asked about it and we are grateful for your interest. It has been a long time coming, but it won’t be long now.


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  1. Nelson Hess says:

    You are truely blessed with God given talent. Don’t change a thing. Don’t sell out your talents to become popular. Stay humble, sing and glorify God. Keep up the good work. I love “What A Day That Will Be”. I play it often and share it with others. God Bless You.
    Nelson Hess

  2. David Murph says:

    Thanks so much for your comment Nelson! It is our prayer that we will always see the reason for our ministry, quite simply, uplifting our Lord Jesus Christ. We also pray, that in some small way, our music actually help folks. For that to happen, God has to do it! God bless you, David, for the Gospel Plowboys

  3. Carl says:

    What a special blessing I received when I came across ya’ll singing “What a day that will be” on youtube. May God continue to bless you all in your wonderful ministry in spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Our country sure needs a revival!I am really looking forward to receiving the CD that I ordered today. I’d love to see ya’ll in person if you ever get anywhere near Mississippi. Thanks

  4. David says:

    Hello carl. My name is David and I play mandolin with the group. On behalf of all the guys I want to thank you for your encouraging words. We also thank you for ordering our CD. I hope it is a blessing to you. As far as Mississippi, how knows, maybe one day! God bless you…..David.

  5. Your songs are a blessing to me. I praise God for you all. My prayers is that you will always seek Gods work in your lifes.
    Please pray for my husband as he has lung cancer, and severe heart condition, the drs say he only has 2 to 6 months to live… but we are trusting God…. Praise the Lord. Thank you all. hope some day to hear you all in person, Gods will. If not then will see you in Heaven. I can be texted at 423-470-8068. As i am at dr with my husband most of the time.
    God Bless, Joyce Bowling

  6. Doug says:

    Guys, I order ordered your CD the other day to give to my dad for Christmas. I just wanted to say thanks for how quickly it arrived and for the nice note that was included with the CD. God has truly blessed you all with talent and with a desire to do His work. I just hope I can keep from opening the CD and listening to it myself. Otherwise, I may be putting in another order. Keep up the great work!

  7. Rob says:

    Hi there, I came across a song of yours on Youtube and enjoyed it so much that my wife and I spent the next hour finding and watching every Gospel Plowboys song we could find! Amazing music guys, I never knew I enjoyed bluegrass so much and I really appreciate the message of Christ that comes with it. I was wondering if your CD is available for download on-line, and if you ship to Canada if I ordered a CD (We live in Alberta, Canada). I know my dad would enjoy your music as well and I would love to share the band with him. God bless guys, keep up the grate music!


  8. Allan Williams says:

    What a blessing finding you men on you tube has been. I love bluegrass, and wanted to hear What a Day That Will Be. Typed the song name in and you folks where who came up first. Shared this with my older brother who is fighting serious cancer. He in turn shared with a friend of his who just had heart surgery. We are all still listing to your stuff on You Tube. I will order you CD before the day is over. Again Thank you and will be looking for you in our area soon. Allan in Spartanburg, SC

  9. sandy bloemer says:

    Hi Guys,
    I came across your video on you tube. I’m a gospel songwriter having several major cuts and number one songs. If you are in need for original songs for your next recording please let me help you.
    I love your sound and your ministry for Christ!
    Sandy Bloemer
    Songpatch Music/bmi

  10. Trena says:

    Awesome! Love your music. Please find time to spread your music and the love of Jesus in Eastern,Kentucky.

  11. hi my name is jasmine friend i love bluegrass so much i have grew up with the music from my grandpa,i am 14 now and i still love soon as i saw the videos i was definitely hooked,you guys sing really good together,you guys are a big inspiration,my whole family is saved,and i thank the lord for that so much!!!May god bless you in every way,thank you guys so much!!

  12. Jeff says:

    Hey guys, is there any chance that you fellows will ever put out sound tracks of your music? Would love to try and sing a couple of songs in our little church here at home. I just love, Lord I want to go to heaven, and all your songs for that, My wife and myself are for sure going to make it over to the Carolinas somewhere to catch a show. Keep it going.

  13. Jeff says:

    Just seen your date for May 2, will for sure be there.

  14. Chris says:

    I recently purchased your CD and I wanted to let you all know that it is an absolutely wonderful piece of work. I listen to it every day on my way into work and it’s a blessing to be able to start my day off with your music! I’ll keep up to date on your travel schedule and hopefully will be able to see you perform sometime in the future. God Bless you all!

  15. Joan Benfield says:

    Thinking of you and telling my mother and sister all about you in Georgia.
    Praying for each of you will see you soon.
    By the way Blythe Ga is too far from Savannah.

  16. John Culea says:

    Looking forward to your next CD.
    Neat to read about your former patriot and the new addition.

  17. Terry Lee Maggart says:

    Love It!! God bless you all. Good ol’ down home gospel, thank you!

  18. Charity Adkins says:

    Wanted to say Thank you for the quick delivery of the CD we ordered. You “boys” are amazing!!! Prayers that God sends you many blessing as you share his love through song.

  19. Janet says:

    We’d love to see you in Canada. Shared a song by you guys on my blog today. I was looking for someone who sings What a Day That Will Be and I thank God for letting me find your music. I love it!! Have shared it to Facebook and hope many more will be blessed!

    here is the link to the blog-post.

  20. Debbie Neale says:

    Wow. Tears roll down my face as I sit hear listening to you sing “What a day that will be”. I stumbled onto your video, but it was no accident, it was meant to be. Your music is the kind of music I grew up on. It brought back beautiful childhood memories. I lost my Grandparents last year and they would have loved your music. Keep doing what you are doing and don’t change a thing. God Bless You(I ordered your CD today and can’t wait to get it).

  21. Vicki Courtney says:

    Dear Plowboys,

    What an encouragement you are! On a long night sleeplessly waiting for my husband, a pilot, to come home from a multi-day trip, God used your You-Tube performances to bless me with the love of my Savior and Lord Jesus. The more I thought of my holy and almighty God and Savior, as I listened to song after song, the more incredible joy I felt, and tears came to my eyes.

    He never leaves us, died for us, lives in us, speaks to us truth from the depths of His perfect heart in His Word, blesses others through us, and all of our gifts are from His holy hand! Oh what deep joy!

    I thank God for your wholesome style of worship (so rare nowadays) and for your humble, loving outreach to sinners – and for the musical excellence. I love how you point to Him, and seem forgetful of yourselves. That’s a big part of what draws me to listen. May the Lord keep your eyes on Him. You have refreshed me tonight!

    I posted a link on Facebook so that others can hear the gospel or be encouraged.

    God bless you, brothers, and your wives and children,

  22. Dennis Adams says:

    Brothers this is some good stuff here!! I came across y’all on utube and I was brought back in time to when I was a boy in church with my grandma. The Lord blessed you fellas with gifts that I’m so happy y’all are sharing with the world through your ministry. If y’all ever decide you want to take a trip down to Florida let me know and I’ll see if I can get something up with the local churches to hell you boys out. Till then I’ll keep an eye on your schedule for places I can hunt y’all down. God Bless You All and great fortune in spreading the word and bearing fruit in our Savior’s name. Praise Jesus!!

  23. Taylor Fallin says:

    Yall are the best gospel group I have ever heard in my life. I saw you live at the church I currently attend in Fayetteville, GA. I am in 9th grade and hope to hear yall on the radio gospel stations soon. Yall will be on my mind until we meet once again in heaven. I will be praying that God will be with you until then. Love you guys!

    Taylor Fallin

  24. ROB says:

    saw you preform How Great thou Art on youtube-Beautiful!Hope to see you preform someday.God bless you all !robert from california

  25. Ruth says:

    I have loved bluegrass gospel music all my life. So sorry that I’ve just now found your group – I’ve listened to all your songs on YouTube this afternoon/evening, some several times. There are no bad ones, ha. I love that you sing the old songs; such a blessing.

    Gonna order the CD. Thanks

  26. Barbara says:

    I happened to come across your singing on You Tube. I sure enjoyed it! You are a spirit filled bunch of fellows! We would love to have you at the church we attend. If you could call us at this number (collect) we will try to work out time etc.606-348-5368

  27. Lori says:

    I first saw you all on Facebook someone had shared a you tube video of What A Day That Will Be…WOW what a blessing…I found my hands lifted praising the Lord as I listened to you all…I sent the video to my mother who was blessed as well…I ordered her a CD from you all for Mother’s Day this year and now I’m back to order me one..
    Thank you for the Wonderful Ministry I hope you all continue to be Blessed…
    God Bless ..Lori

  28. Don says:

    I just wanted to say what a blessing your music and cd are to me and my family, keep up God’s work! Hoping to come hear the gospel ployboys live this summer!

  29. Bill and ann Mercer says:

    we were pleased to be with you guys Saturday night at Gospel Light Church, don’t ever lose your love for Jesus.I enjoy the way you present Jesus with your music.Thanks guys, May GOD bless you for what you are doing.

  30. April says:

    I realize that these posts are from 2013, but I just discovered The Gospel Plowboys today, and I am trying to find out where I can purchase a cd or possibly see them perform in person. What a blessing! So, glad to have discovered them.

  31. William Mills says:

    Hello. Thank you for the blessing of your music. It really
    is amazing. I love the mandolin and your harmony for God.

  32. Richie Carter says:

    It was a blessing to have the Gospel Plowboys come celebrate the 100th anniversary of Minter Baptist Church. You are a very talented group doing the Lord’s work and we will lift you up in prayer hoping that lives will be changed and souls saved through your ministry. God Bless

  33. J.R. says:

    We really enjoyed your song ministry at Minter Baptist Church. I am looking forward to seeing you again.

  34. Jeff says:

    Just ordered 3 CDs hope they are still in stock! We love your music on you tube. keep praying and playing!

  35. Darrell Blackman says:

    I have been watching you guys on youtube from Australia.
    Great stuff with your whole heart and spirit in what you do. I was a little down because my friend died and i saw you guys singing and it cheered me up and reinforced my own faith.
    Keep up the good work.
    God Bless,
    Darrell, Inverleigh, Victoria, Australia.

  36. Dawana sparks says:

    We’re can I get this cdthis music u sing is so annointed…my daddy n mamma woulda loved u guys..God bless u all..

  37. Thomas Klase says:

    I seen you on FB I would like to know your schedule or if your planning on coming pa

  38. Matt Mahan says:

    Just heard “The Dearest Friend” on WAMU. What a beautiful and touching song. Thank you for blessing my heart today!

  39. Jack C Crofoot Jr says:

    Jan/22/2017 3am
    I am a retired Anesthetist (Blind). I just heard your Dec. 2012 redition of What a day. Thank you so much for your Godly introduction and enjoyable rendition. My our God continually Bless you. Thanks for the Blessing.

  40. don plugge says:

    I came across your u-tube songs and I love them…I played at a (guitar) sheriff’s honor camp every Tuesday for 3 years after my neighbor talked to them about the lord. then they closed the camp (Greenville MI. then I sang at the Greenville jam (guitar and drums) for 4 to 5 years . then one night I got dizzy spells so my wife said “stay home “ much fun to sing gospel songs on instruments.. God bless you guys.. I retired from the Saturn plant in Tenn. Were only one heart beat from playing music in heaven….don

  41. Roy Weatherford says:

    A month or so before this past sept 2016 I had ran across some of y’all videos and had really enjoyed them . Sept 2 we lost the most Christ like man I have ever known and probably ever will know till that day were called home . Gods perfect timing of placing yalls music there that one day really help me get of the passing of my grandfather. I can’t thank y’all enough for putting out such awesome music !!! I have one question, do y’all ever come down to southeast Texas to play ? I know our church would be more than happy to have y’all if so . Thanks Roy Weatherford

  42. Terry says:

    I came across the youtube version of ‘What a day that will be’ and enjoyed it thoroughly. I have to ask, what were you doing in that garage, was it a service or a youtube session? As I type this I am watching more videos and see that the clothes have changed, must have been over several days. Keep up the good works. God bless you all,from California.

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