Charles Honeycutt

Charles Honeycutt started playing banjo at the age of 13, never showing any interest in music. It wasn’t until he heard the Country Gentlemen play Don Gibson’s “Sea of Heartbreak” and an instrumental version of The Beatles, “Yesterday” that his interest was sparked. It was Bill Emerson and his banjo playing that really caused the music bug to bite Charles and thus his banjo journey began.

Growing up in a musical family also helped contribute quite a bit to learning to play the banjo. Charles began learning a lot from his dad Howard Honeycutt and his uncle Rick Blackwelder. It was in their popular bluegrass group, Movin’ On Bluegrass, that Charles really cut his musical teeth. He played everywhere he could and every chance he got, from his living room to jam sessions, from private parties and fiddler’s conventions to bluegrass festivals and benefits. It was while jamming with some friends that he met The Gospel Plowboys. Meeting founding member and leader of the band, David Murph, was what started the strong relationship with the band.

Charles filled in with the band from time to time over the years and was asked in January 2019 to join the band. This decision came after the original banjo player, John Goodson, had stepped down due to dome health issues.

Charles is so thankful to The Lord for saving him October 12, 2012 during a revival meeting at his home church, Bright Light Baptist. He gives The Lord all the honor and glory for opening the doors He has and for all the incredible opportunities He has given him.

He enjoys spending time with his wife, Becky and their one year old son, Carson and is thankful to have them both by his side. He treasures all the blessings The Lord has given him and is so grateful to be part of The Gospel Plowboys. He considers it an honor that he was asked to join the band and help plow the ground and plant the seed that Christ died for you.