Alec McCallister

Alec was born March 17, 2001 to Paul and Joy. He was saved at an early age in a little church in Statesville, NC. He always enjoyed music and as a child he would hum songs he heard in church. He received his first violin as a birthday gift and began taking lessons at 8 years old. However, he did not love playing the violin until he began taking “fiddle” lessons from Mr. Sam Childs. When asked what is the difference between a violin and a fiddle he says “the violin sings, the fiddle dances.”
He is thankful that God opened up the opportunity to play with the Plowboys, not only because of their music, but because of their purpose, to share the truth of God with others and never changing that no matter where they may go.
God has used this group in his life through the wonderful friendships of each member of the band and giving him the opportunity to step outside himself and realize that this is not about “me”, but about playing for, and doing all we do for the glory of God.
Alec currently resides in Mocksville, NC.