Daniel Schronce

Daniel Schronce was born in Hickory, NC in 1998. He was born again as a young boy in 2009 while in the 4th grade. Daniel was raised up on bluegrass music. His father and mother would always have a Doyle Lawson, Mountain Heart, or Lost and Found CD playing in the car.

When Daniel was in his teens, a group of friends at his church started learning guitar and playing bluegrass gospel music. Wanting to fit in, but be different, Daniel decided to try to learn on a cheap mandolin that his dad had stashed away. First learning the basic chords on YouTube, Daniel then progressed and started taking some formal lessons. Daniel soon taught himself how to play the guitar and bass. Most of Daniel’s learning experience came from playing at local jams on Monday Nights in Troutman, NC, and on Friday evenings at the Hardees in Conover, NC.

Daniel has played in a few bands prior to The Gospel Plowboys. These bands include Roundup, Carolina Divide, and Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa. Daniel first saw The Gospel Plowboys at a festival hosted by Wayne Taylor at Maiden Highschool in Maiden, NC. The way that they dressed just appealed to him. He has always been a fan of wearing overalls.

Daniel joined the band in the spring of 2023. He says, “It has been a prayer of mine for a while to use my musical abilities for the Lord. It’s a major honor and a blessing to use these abilities with The Gospel Plowboys. I’m excited to see how the Lord will lead me in my future, both in my personal life, and with the band.”